Tu Har Lamha Lyrics - Khamoshiyan - Arijit Singh


Tu Har Lamha Lyrics this song is sung by Arijit Singh. This song is in  the Khamoshiyan movie. This song is written by Snayeed Quadri and the music director of this song is Bobby-Imran, Rajdeep Mukherjee.

Song Name: Tu Har Lamha

Album/Movie: Khamoshiyan (2015)

Singer(s): Arijit Singh

Lyrics Writer(s):      Snayeed Quadri

Music Director(s): Bobby-Imran, Rajdeep Mukherjee

Music Video Features: Ali Fazal, Sapna Pabbi, Gurmeet Choudhary

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Tu Har Lamha Lyrics:

Waaqif toh huey tere dil ki baat se

Chhupaya jise tune qaaynaat se

Waaqif toh huey tere uss khayal se

Chhupaya jise tune apne aap se

Kahin na kahin teri aankhein,

teri baatein padh rahe hain hum

Kahin na kahin tere dil mein,

dhadkano mein dhal rahe hain hum

Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..

Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Uss din tu haan udaas rahe

tujhe jis din hum na dikhe na miley

Uss din tu chup-chaap rahe

tujhe jis din kuch na kahe na suney

Main hoon bann chuka, jeene ki ik wajah

Iss baat ko khud se tu na chupaa..

Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..

Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Lab se bhale tu kuch na kahe

Tere dil mein hum hi toh base yaa rahe

Saansein teri iqraar kare

Tera haath agar chhulein, pakde

Teri khwahishein kar bhi de tu bayaan

Yehi waqt hai inke izhaar ka..

Tu Har Lamha.. tha mujhse juda..

Chaahe door tha main.. yaa paas rahaa

Tu Har Lamha Lyrics In English 

At least I got to know about the thoughts of your heart

The ones that you had kept hidden from the world

At least I was acquainted with that thought of yours

Which you had kept hidden from your own self

Somewhere I am reading your eyes

Your thoughts...

Somewhere I am getting molded

In your heart, in your heartbeats

Every moment you are attached to me

Whether I was close to you or away..

You are sad on the day

when I don't see you or meet you..

You remain very quiet on the day

When I don't say or hear anything to you

I have become a reason to live

Don't hide this thing from yourself..

Even if you don't say it thing through your lips

It's only me who lives in your heart.

Your breaths say yes

If I touch or hold your hand.

Come on say what you wish

this is the time to accept, to admit (to your hidden wishes)...

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